What is Conscious Consumerism?

The world is shifting and we are all starting to question things. Becoming curious and wanting to understand where and what you consume comes from, who produced it, how is was created and what purpose it has. Conscious consumerism is a term given to those a little more curiously aware of what they are buying and the impact it has, what they are putting into and onto their bodies, what media they digest and therefore what they themselves put out into the world.

What do you mean by sustainable?

Sustainable practices, mean that something should be able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. When applied to food and farming, we mean to ensure that we don' t over farm something to the point of destroying other natural resources. When applied to wellness, we mean that practices should be adopted which are not led by trends and fads of the moment. When applied to personal development, we want to ensure that techniques offer lasting change.

What brands do you promote?

We always promote brands who we believe are living and breathing examples of the Well + Happy principles. And that applies to people, places, products and services. We encourage, support and shout about those who are promoting themselves consciously and ethically. We value honesty and integrity.


What's the Eleven:eleven shop all about?

Some numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence. Its also a super number linked to new beginnings. We believe it symbolises a serendipitous moment of new beginnings - there is no chance you landed there, so we've chosen Eleven Well + Happy inspired items just for you. We choose Eleven items to stock and rotate these on a quarterly basis. If you're a brand and think you have the right ethos for an Eleven:Eleven shopper, get in touch.


How can I ensure my purchases are more consciously minded?

Start exploring the brands we share and learn about why endorse what they're doing. Pick one area to start with and always just start with small changes. One day you might decide to ensure all of your cleaning products in your home are eco friendly and efficient, then the next month you might decide to tackle that new laptop bag purchase you've been wanting to make - can you switch to purchasing a little more consciously with luxury items and make a difference every single time?

How can i ensure my business is more conscious?

Check out our business section. See what inspired you from other global brands and people and start to think about how you can make small changes to what you do as a business or even as an employee. Or if you're ready right now to make changes, get in touch with our editor in chiefs to discuss her consulting services.


How can I inspire others?

Every action creates a ripple, whether you realise it or not. Every ripple spreads across the pond wider and wider until it reaches touch points. By taking positive action yourselves, others will become curious. Share the content you find inspiring, make positive changes and keep abreast with our daily dose of the good stuff.