How to holiday a little bit differently this year

How many times have you been on holiday and not ventured far away from the comfort of your sunbed?

Whilst lying by the pool sipping exotically flavoured cocktails is extremely appealing and one of the most popular ways of spending time in a hot country, this repetitive behaviour might not be doing much to improve your mental and physical well-being. 


Of course; holidays are meant to be a time to relax, replenish and rejuvenate - and sometimes sedentary holidays are an absolute must. But what about those holidays which fuse both relaxation, with a certain amount of productivity; a concept that, to most people, doesn't usually coincide with a vacation. 

We as human's, are very much self-confessed creatures of habit and our holiday habits don't usually involve stepping into the unknown. However, embarking on a holiday activity or adventure that extends far beyond your comfort zone can be a great way of stimulating an otherwise redundant mind and ticking something off your bucket list that you have always wanted to try. 


On the extreme end of the spectrum, jumping out of an aeroplane in a foreign environment can give a, quite literal, out of this world perspective of the planet on which we reside, thus making the idea of lounging on a beach all day seem somewhat irrelevant.

However, extreme activities are most definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and so, for those who find themselves in this category, branching out of your ‘zone of security’ can be achieved in one of many other ways that still bring an element of excitement, without the terror and discomfort of stepping a little 'too far' out of that zone. 


Trying a new watersport, going on a mountainous hike or even joining in with a group playing beach volleyball can do wonders for psychological health. It is a well-known fact that the greatest achievers are those who suscept themselves to the biggest risks. The same can therefore be said for those who branch out of their habitual norms by propelling themselves into unknown territory.

With each new thing that you try, you are increasing the size of your comfort zone and will therefore be less reserved when it comes to trying something else next time.

An accumulation of varied holiday experiences will undoubtedly better your mental and physical wellbeing when it is time to return home - and it certainly enables you to share far more interesting stories and photo's with your friends and family. (There are only so many of your sunset pictures they can endure!)

So what will be your step outside your comfort zone on your next vacation? Do you fancy booking an 'unlike you' excursion, activity or experience which will have you holidaying a little differently this year?


Written by: Antonia Turner
Photography: Pexels