5 British Brands Taking A Tasty Stand Against Food Waste

It can be a case of out of sight, out of mind as we throw ‘less than at its best’ food in the bin. However the truth is we have tonnes of food waste piling up; 10 million tonnes, in fact, according to statistics from food waste charity WRAP. And this is just for the UK alone.

Fortunately there are some brands tackling this issue in a way that’s great for our mouths and the planet. They are helping raise awareness of just how much we throw away. From granola to beer. Read on to discover the brands that are taking a stand against waste.


1. Nibs Etc

Chloe Stewart, the brains behind nibs etc., is a chocolate loving, food waste fighting warrior. She incorporates leftover juice pulp normally destined for cafe bins into granola, loaf cakes and decadent beetroot brownies. She has recently added juice pulp crackers to her repertoire. You can find nibs etc. popping up at Maltby Street market in London or online via The Food Assembly (Kings Cross).

2. Chic P

Chic P takes hummus to a whole new level, incorporating surplus vegetables into the chickpea mix. Hannah McCollum, the creator of Chic P, uses her background in catering and as a private chef to make the most of ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. Carrots, beetroot and herbs all feature in the hummus blends. There’s even a sweet version with banana and cacao, which is a lovely alternative spread to slather on banana bread.


3. Rubies in the Rubble

This is another story of transforming surplus fruit and vegetables into something tasty. Rubies In The Rubble rescue leftover fruit and vegetables to use in a range of relishes and sauces. The most intriguing addition to the range is a savoury banana ketchup. Each bottle saves two whole bananas. Rubies also win the award for the most food puns on a website!


4. Toast

A shocking 44% of bread in the UK is wasted – and almost half of that is before the bread even reaches our homes. Toast uses just some of this bread to create their selection of craft beers. They also open source their recipe so people can make their own surplus bread brews. Toast has recently branched out into US (with South Africa coming onboard soon), helping this bread beer revolution march onwards and upwards.





5. Spare Fruit

Spare Fruit create crisps with a difference. The team collect fresh Kentish apples and pears that would otherwise be disposed of. They slice and air-dry the fruit, turning it into subtly sweet crisps. To date they have saved 15 tonnes of apples and pears. An added feelgood factor is that Spare Fruit profits go back into transforming more surplus food into edible products, helping to raise awareness of food waste.



All these brands are taking a novel approach to addressing food waste, but the vast majority of waste still comes from our own homes. What steps can you take to save food from your household bin?


Written by: Meredith Whitely
Photography: Meredith Whitely, featured brands