The Luxury Eco Camping Resort With A Twist

Despite some being more action packed and adventurous than others, a holiday is a holiday. Space for you to detach from the normal day-to-day of your world and do things which make you happy.

No wonder we all love holidays.

But what if your holiday could offer that little bit more. What if you decided to switch off and head into nature, with a little luxury attached. What if your resort was not only eco-friendly and better for the planet, but was filled with special moments, creating unforgettable memories.

Well that's just what happened, when we stayed at Mallinson's forest hotel.

Arriving in the dark, we lit up our iPhone torches and headed down a windy track. Led and sensored lighting guided our way and we arrived at an outdoors communal kitchen area. Onto another wooded walkway and we arrived at our beautiful yurt. Home for the next 3 nights. We lit up a fire to warm our space and slept deeply.

The noises in the forest were an incredible natural wake-up call. Cozily peering up out of our skylight the next morning, we decided to wake up fresh with an outdoor shower. It felt so liberating and (when we were warm) cleansing to both the body and mind.

We spent most of the day reading, keeping our fire burning to cook food to graze on and listening to nature unfold. In the afternoon we headed over to the main camp area to participate in a wood carving workshop. It was incredibly meditative to do something which required so much concentration, yet in, surrounded by and with nature. A must if you decide to visit.

Our evening was spent greeting a couple who were making their own pizza, with fresh dough provided in the Mallinson fridges for a small fee. Wine and local cider can also be purchased. The smell of open fires, freshly cooked food and feeling completely disconnected hit me at around 7pm, when mid-yawn I realised that I had not once picked up or looked at my phone. Nature had consumed me and it felt great.

The days that followed adopted a similar pattern, deep slumbers, woken by nature and birdsong. Outdoor sauna's and more woodwork fun with a spoon carving workshop. Freshly grilled vegetables and ice cold wine.

After 3 nights at Mallinson's it was fair to say that I felt like i'd been on a 10 day retreat. No phone, no social media and apart from our fellow campers, no hustle and business. The nature consumed us, danced with us and left us feeling fully charged and ready to return to the normal day to day'.


A highly recommended retreat for the luxury camper. A 2 night stay at an eco yurt costs from £250, whilst a stay in the luxurious tree-house from £750. (


Written by: Chelsea Parsons
Photography: Mallinsons, Chelsea Parsons