5 Ways To Get More Happy In Your Life

4 ways to get more happy in your life 


  1. Our lives become happier, the minute we decide it to be. 


If we could really see how much our thoughts have a direct impact on how are days pan out, we’d certainly be more aware of what we focus our attention on. Now dont get me wrong, our thoughts often have a habit of getting away with themselves - but by simply being more mindful about what we’re putting out there can make such a powerful impact.


Whether we get stuck in traffic, spoken to rudely or find our car dented with no note - some things are just out of our control. But allow them to fester into a bad mood, then you’re just asking for more of the crappy stuff. Choose to see every moment however bad it may seem as a lesson, thank it and move on. You’ll be surprised at how the second you decide to choose happiness, things shift into positive gear.


2. Release and let go every single day. 


Before you drift off to sleep at night, spend 5 minutes using a simple mantra to let go of things you might be holding onto unnecessarily. 


Is that heated phone call still weighing heavy on your heart? Are you still obsessing about how the ‘rude’ service you encountered really upset you? Simply say ‘I release and let go of X’


3. Recycle more of the good stuff


Think of negative thoughts as plastic. Sadly there are far too many formations of them and they’re not good for the planet. All plastic both in this analogy and in real material form doesnt help anyone, especially long term.


What we need to do more of is sustainable thinking. We should be recycling the happiness moments, the good stuff and the kind things we say to ourselves and others. Play them in our heads over and over and start to redevelop what we hold onto. Remember when you change your thoughts, you change your life.


4. Move more. Its quite simple. Movement makes us feel good, it lights up our insides, energises our bodies and free’s our thinking. Not to mention good for you.

But if exercise is a motivational struggle, view it differently. A good regime doesnt have to mean you love the gym or HIIT is your daily dose. See exercise as a way to keep everything else sharp. Our brains need the movement as much as the muscles.

5. Laugh. A lot. With friends, loved ones or even just watching a funny TV programme - we all know the more laughter means more releasing of the good stuff. 


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