Our Top 4 Sustainable Lifestyle Must Haves

Making the switch towards shopping more sustainably can be incredibly confusing, especially when you're just starting out with taking more conscious steps as a consumer. We all tend to understand that shopping sustainably is a good thing, but what does sustainable even mean for starters?

Sustainability is a broad description, used to describe practises or products which have been derived with minimal impact to global resources. They're actions which don't cause future loss or damage - and this often means items which are not harmful to the environment. 

When it comes to taking positive steps to being a more conscious shopper, there can be so many things we suddenly realise we want to add to our homes, lives and handbags. Those things which have multiple uses, that help us live a little better.

Here are our top 5 Sustainable Lifestyle must-haves...

1. Essential Oils

You may already have plenty of these floating around in your cupboard. Essential oils are a very sustainable way of making a lot of subtle switches to your personal and home routines. They can be used in homemade skincare, diluted and mixed with bases for perfumes and body oils - all of which of course are kinder to your skin and organs. Incredible for home the home too, why not make your own cleaning products.  Kinder to your skin, your lungs and the environment, they make each room smell totally blissful. 

And it's not just the smell being incredible that we love, but the aromatherapy properties of the oils themselves. Each oil has a added benefit to your mood, emotions and energy. Try yourself an uplifting and energising blend to boost your mood such as Tisserand's Grapefruit and Rosemary, or a calming and relaxing oil when you want to wind down. We love Ylang-Ylang and Lavender. Who knew cleaning could be so good for you?


2. Re-usable water bottles

Ditch the plastic and invest in a reusable water bottle. Swell have created an incredibly beautiful and stylish range of must have bottles and its a pretty genius idea. Desirable and aesthetic, their smallest is ideal for a tea or coffee and the larger perfect for water and other chilled drinks. They keep the hot stuff hot and the cold, super chilled.

Plastic production globally is still on the rise and its going to take more of us to make conscious choices to refuse plastic where possible. Water bottles and reusable drinks containers are a great way to make an active and positive change. Especially when they look as good as Swell.


3. The Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Whether or not you're a hard core yogi, a pilates fanatic or just use a mat to meditate on at home, one thing you'll want to ensure is that its beautiful. A beautiful mat makes you feel extra special when you roll it out. Its a touch of added happiness which enhances whatever practise you're going to be taking to the mat that day.

The sad truth is however, is that a lot of exercise mats nowadays are made with plastics - and the ones which are eco friendly and sustainably made, are often not grippy enough and designed without the user in mind. So we're thankful to have found Yoga Bellies - made from 100% tree rubber, they're also biodegradable, recyclable and only use water based inks. Did we mention they're stunning too?


4. Water Infusers

We first discovered these on a recent trip to Indonesia. Whilst the concept of adding lemon, mint and other fruits to our water glasses are not a foreign one, having a system which allows you to completely infuse your water without the annoyance of a mouthful of 'bits' is just genius.

The beauty of these water infuser flasks also, is that they encourage 2 things - 1) You absolutely drink more water, trust us - its too delicious not to. 2) You waste less ingredients. A few slices of lemon, ginger or fruits with mint will keep your water flavoured for far longer, meaning you'll use less for bigger flavour all round.

You can also brew loose leaf tea in them, warm drinks and even coffee. BPA free, with a bamboo lid - these are both stylish and designed to last. 


Written by: Chelsea Parsons
Photography: Kate Forster