The Rise Of The Conscious Brand

The industry of wellness, started as a trend in most capitals - and for some, it's only just beginning. Many big cities now, are moving 'wellness' further into the lifestyle category. Consumers are learning to adopt wellness principles which are now naturally forming part of their daily lifestyle choices. And so the movement continues to cement. 

But what's next? 

Photo by The Acey 

Photo by The Acey 

Well in addition to wellness in technology continuing to rise; with gadgets arriving to help aid sleep, apps for meditation and watches to track performance, new foods arriving onto the market almost on a weekly basis and our knowledge ever evolving, there's a deeper ripple happening.


Individuals are now looking to the next stage of how to bring more of the good stuff into their lives. These consumers, us - yes you and I, are becoming the conscious consumers who want to know all about what they're purchasing, not just what. They want to know the why behind the brand, the story, the ethos and the values.


Customers are demanding transparency as they take an increasing interest in the ethical practices of those they buy from. The rise of education and awareness means that we're now starting to wake up to the fact that where we buy from is just as important as what we're buying.

Image by Toms

Image by Toms

Why? Well that's exactly it - the why. Because now more than ever, we're buying the story, not just the product - and for many, it's just as important to ensure that the story is a good one. Who made it, why did they make and what positive impact is it having on a local or global scale.


Take Tom’s for example - well known for pioneering the shoe industry. Giving a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. You know you’re making a difference by making a purchase.


Interestingly its the small and emerging brands who are realising the importance of this. Did you know that buying jewellery from an ethical maker ensures its not leaching the planets resources and guarantees you are not buying crystals mined by under 5’s, or that when you buy organic vegetables, you are not only contributing to your health - but you are supporting an organic grower who’s conscious efforts are to minimise the impact to local town’s, the earth's natural vegetation and the overall population.


Those digging a little deeper into the who, what and why’s of the wellness world are creating ripples and ripple travel. Its going to be an interesting 12 months ahead.

Photo by Chelsea Parsons