Editor in Chief - Chelsea Parsons

Editor in Chief - Chelsea Parsons


Well + Happy is a Global Lifestyle Publication, reporting on all things Sustainable Wellness.

Founded by health + happiness entrepreneur - Chelsea Parsons. After growing Well + Happy into a successful healthy confectionary range in 2016, Chelsea decided to close production and develop the brand towards the the part of the wellness industry thats truly needed - a sustainable approach to wellness.

W+H serves as a positive influence brand - reporting on all things sustainable in the wellness industry. Wellness which is realistic, fad-free and for the long-term.

Engaging with you through both digital and print mediums, offering empowering audio and video content, running global events, brand partnerships and of course a daily dose of the good stuff..

In this world we're led by 3 main things:
Our surroundings; the businesses that co-create our eco system and shape our future focus.

Our minds + bodies; what we put into and onto our bodies.

Our co-habitants; those we share the world with.

   Well + Happy's purpose is to inspire a deeper global level of consciousness, shaping positive and sustainable change in health and happiness.              

become a contributor

We are currently looking for inspiring writers and content creators to join Well + Happy. If you love to write on all things sustainable wellness, please drop us an email at hello@chelseaparsons.co, with the following:

- 2 examples of your writing style (guest blogs, your own blogs or well researched articles)
- Links to your blogs and social media accounts
- Your area of writing expertise e.g. sustainable fashion, eco beauty, food, business travel etc
- 150 words on your story and why you'd be the perfect contributor to Well + Happy

I cant wait to hear from you.