Editor in Chief - Chelsea Parsons

Editor in Chief - Chelsea Parsons


Well + Happy is a Conscious Lifestyle Publication, reporting on all things Sustainable Wellness.

W+H serves as a positive influence brand - reporting on all things sustainable in the wellness industry. Wellness which is realistic, fad-free and for the long-term.

Engaging with you through both digital and print mediums, offering empowering audio and video content, running global events, brand partnerships and of course a daily dose of the good stuff..

In this world we're led by 3 main things:
Our surroundings; the businesses that co-create our eco system and shape our future focus.

Our minds + bodies; what we put into and onto our bodies.

Our co-habitants; those we share the world with 

Well + Happy's purpose is to inspire a deeper global level of consciousness, shaping positive and sustainable change in health and happiness.              


Our Team

Meet the team bringing you a modern approach to wellness...


Chelsea Parsons - editor in chief

Health + Happiness entrepreneur, Chelsea Parsons, founded Well + Happy in 2015. After growing the brand into a successful healthy confectionery range, Chelsea decided to close production and develop W+H towards the the part of the wellness industry that is truly needed - a sustainable approach to wellness. 

She is trained in Kinesiology and nutritional balancing, NLP and is a seasoned plant-based chef. As well as this her passion lies in the wellness world - from educating and inspiring in front of the camera to content creation behind the lens. A passionate health and happiness advocate - she truly believes in the power of balance in a modern world to achieve ultimate sustainability in wellness.


Jemima Davis

Jemima has been with Well + Happy since the beginning and she's a seasoned Writer, Digital Marketer and Wellness Advocate. Jemima is at her happiest when she's on her yoga mat, or brunching her way around London.

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Meredith Whitely

Meredith is the flavour loving founder of Food At Heart. She helps people eat in a more mindful and delicious way through her joyful eating programme and cookery workshops – with a little chocolate making on the side.

Lauren Barber

Lauren Barber is a Business Coach, Mentor and Yoga Teacher. She supports ambitious women as they reconnect to their flow in both life and business. When not blogging, coaching or teaching you can usually find her hugging trees, walking or wandering barefoot in the countryside!

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Lisa Aanes

Lise Aanes is a Norwegian fermentation enthusiast and plant food advocate living in London. Educated in nutrition and healing diets at the School of Natural Medicine UK, she believes that mindful eating is the key to fight the diseases that are wreaking havoc with our health and with the health of our planet. Through her writing, workshops and community events she wants to change the world one plate at the time.

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Leila Wright

Leila is a plant-based foodie, soul-searcher and dog lover, who has an innate desire to help make the world a happier and healthier place. Her own self-discovery journey has been the making of her, and now she writes to inspire others to nurture and nourish their own inner wellbeing. She’s an aspiring entrepreneur who dreams of creating a positive impact on mental health, and the environment.


James Brazier 

James Brazier is an outdoors loving engineer, with an obsession for fact finding, science and balance. James tackles the world of wellness from a completely different perspective - from featuring in content, being our male guinea pig and even writing evidence based pieces on the world of nutrition.

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